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Main Stage Schedule


5:00 pm


6:00 pM

Swiss Alphorn Quartet

7:30 pM

The Zapata Family

8:30 pM

The German Band of North Texas

10:00 pM



10:00 am


11:00 AM

Wiener Dog Fashion Show - Register your wiener dog below! 

12:30 pm

Alpine Dancers Edelweiss

2:00 PM

Swiss Alphorn Quartet

3:30 PM

The Zapata Family

4:30 PM

The German Band of North Texas

6:30 PM

Texanischer Schuhplattler Verein d'Holzar

8:00 PM

The Flying Balalaika Bros


Wiener Dog Fashion Show

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Participate in the Wiener Dog Fashion Show!


Wiener dog fashion show details

Steinfest will be holding its first ever Wiener Dog Fashion Show on Saturday, October 21 at 11:00 a.m. in Haggard Park. Bring your furry babies decked out in their best dress for our judges, and both you and your dog could win prizes and treats. There is no costume theme, just be creative and cute! 

Entry into the fashion show is not exclusively for wiener dogs. You do not have to register to have your four-legged friend included in the fashion show, but it is encouraged. Please use the form below to register your dog for the 2nd Annual Wiener Dog Fashion Show. 

Owner *


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Do you have the steins to compete?


stein racing contest

A classic Oktoberfest competition where participants have to race holding water-filled steins. The participant who crosses the finish line with the least amount of spilled water wins! Use the form below to pre-register for the stein racing contest. You do not have to pre-register to compete on the day-of the event.

masskrugstammen (strong man) CONTEST

This is the competition for you uber Steinfest fans. The masskrugstammen is a contest of strength where participants have to hold a fully filled stein out at a 90 degree angle for as long as they humanly can. The last one standing with their stein held out straight is deemed the winner of the masskrugstammen. Use the form below to pre-register for the masskrugstammen. The competition is open to both men and women over the age of 18. You do not have to pre-register to compete on the day-of the event.

Name *
Which competition(s) do you want to participate in?

Kids Activites

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Bring the family!


Kid's activities available at steinfest

There's something for every member of the family to do at Steinfest. For the kiddos we will have face painting, fall harvest photo-ops, bean bag toss, outdoor games and more.